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Switchgear production

Switchgear systems from Blumenbecker spell one thing: effective solutions tailor-made to meet your needs – not products off the shelf. Our engineers and technical staff will work closely with you to produce exactly to your requirements – on time and to the highest technical standard.

Our switchgear production has the capability to deliver all-in-one solutions as part of a one-stop service. The proximity of our engineering and switchgear production facilities gives us the capacity to implement design changes without delay. The result: real flexibility right to the end of the project phase and the ideal setting for producing custom-built switchgear systems for very short project lead times.

Rigorous testing underpins our guarantee of long-term, reliable, trouble-free operation. Switchgear systems from Blumenbecker are operating in practically every corner of the globe – delivering reliability day in and day out.

Of course we also develop one-off designs to client specifications and carry out complete overhauls on older machines: this includes removing the internals, upgrading the cabinets, if necessary, and re-wiring everything as new.  

What you get – client benefits at a glance:

  • Contract production of low-voltage equipment to client specifications
  • Fabrications based on designs drawn up in-house, when requested
  • One-off fabrications and fittings for single/special orders to customer specifications
  • Products manufactured using mounting-plate and Lütze system
  • Quick solutions at fair prices
  • High-quality products delivered on time
  • Worldwide distribution
Mr Helmut Mollenhauer
Head of Manufacturing
T: +49 531 48207-333
M: +49 162 2421108

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